Refund Policy

The refund policy of our Tramadol online pharmacy is very important and it also reveals about it so much. Our refund policy is more concerned on the benefit of our customer. deals with the following laws.

Generally, we govern shipping the medication almost all part of the world. Due to this, the parcel would be shipped through a plane, truck, and ship. If the distances in which the pills have to deliver are longer then there might be a chance of getting the damaged pills.

This kind of occurrence would happen very less. Hence, you need not be worried. Even if the pills are damaged still we hold the trusted refund policy and thus it makes you be less stressed.

We have already mentioned that this online pharmacy would follow the federal law. This means that in case of any damage happens then we are the responsible to replace the damaged with the new one.

Our Tramadol online pharmacy would reship the new set of pills to your place. There is no need for you to pay for any money and the shipping charges also free at this time.

We refund the money directly to your bank account when we are not able to the reship the package. At the beginning itself if you found that the pills are damages then you are supposed to inform about it to our customer care team.

Every customer is eligible for the refund but they should be matched with the following factors.

The damage of the package or pill in any form should be informed to the representatives priorly. Any complaints after one week after receiving the package would not be accepted.

The refund will be considered only when the damage caused by the shipping. So, damage from your end would not be taken into the consideration.

Any person received the past expiry date of the package can also be eligible to get the refund under the policy.

So the person who wanted to stop the medication in between the treatment and so they seeking for the refund is not recommended. We would not pay the money back in this case.

In case if anyone damaged the pills mistakenly or if their known one damage the pills then you cannot eligible to claim for the refund. You need to order for the new pills again to continue your treatment.

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